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Employee Leasing


          If you are reading this, we assume it is not by accident. If you are looking for blue collar workers, white collar workers, specialists, experienced or not, you are at the right place. Whatever your requirements, we are able to provide you with a staff that will surely meet your expectations.

          And what is employee leasing?

"Employee Leasing is nothing more than borrowing employee hired pernamently in another company to work for your company”.

          When running your business, you have often encountered difficulties to find a suitable candidate for work, sometimes you might become a victim of the "caprice" of your worker who decided to leave the workplace overnight. Have you spent a lot of time on computer with registering or deregistering workers, planning holidays time, calculating sick leaves? You just trying to avoid distruption of your business, instead of focusing on what you actually should do?

          Thanks to our offer, all these inconveniences will come to an end, we will find suitable staff for the position, find a replacement for the absent employee, and we will lead all HR and payroll processes so that your company can focus on what really matters – making a profit.

          We have many years of experience in the business support area and a rich database of job seeking candidates. Each of your potential employee will be thoroughly verified and your final employment decision will be left to you. We will make your every order.

          Do not hesitate, ask today what we can do for you